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About the Project

HiGHmed Consortium

HiGHmed Consortium

The HiGHmed consortium is working on novel, interoperable solutions in medical informatics with the aim of making medical patient data accessible for clinical research and teaching. This in turn leads to improved, future-oriented patient care.

The project bundles and integrates the competencies of 12 leading university hospitals in Germany as well as other partners from science and industry. The partners are working together across organizations and institutions with the goal of establishing a network of data integration centers to make healthcare data usable across sites. Clinical use cases are used as examples to show how data, information and knowledge from care and research can be linked across sites for the benefit of patients.

The HiGHmed Consortium is part of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In addition to the HiGHmed Consortium, there are three other medical informatics consortia: MIRACUM, SMITH and DIFUTURE.


To increase the efficiency of clinical research and to translate research results more quickly into validatable improvements in patient care, the development and use of innovative information infrastructures is essential. To this end, concepts have been and are being developed to establish a network of data integration centers at the sites across organizations and institutions and to expand it continuously in subsequent years. The goal is to enable clinicians to make data-driven and patient-centered decisions.