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Technical Concept

HiGHmed Consortium

Within HiGHmed Consortium, forces are joined to creating Medical Data Integration Centers (MeDICs) based on a generic and scalable reference architecture for integrating data from care, research, and external sources, which will facilitate the development of new solutions for medical data analytics benefitting clinicians, patients and researchers. The long-term vision for HiGHmed Consortium is to develop a joint technology platform across all university hospitals and research units that will swiftly assist and promote data-based knowledge-building and decision-making processes in patient-centric diagnostics, treatment and care.


Technical Concept

IHE, openEHR and FHIR

The concept was initially developed on the base of three use cases and will now be extended in cooperation with the other consortia in overarching use cases and expanded to further clinical partners in the medium to long term. The HiGHmed consortium is developing a common, cross-institutional reference architecture based on relevant existing standards such as IHE, openEHR and FHIR. This includes profiling these standards and agreeing on common semantics for practical implementation. The reference architecture will be scalable and open to facilitate adoption by additional partner hospitals and to provide innovative applications, e.g. for data integration or analysis, to caregivers of solution developments. The HiGHmed consortium's technology concept builds on the medical use cases that support requirements analysis and validation.