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HiGHmed Consortium

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) is the most important management body of the HiGHmed Consortium. It is composed of the HiGHmed Consortium leader and the voting representatives of the MeDIC sites. The main task of the EB is to monitor the overall progress of the HiGHmed Consortium concept and to steer the work packages. It is also responsible for quality control and risk management as well as conflict resolution and stakeholder management. It cooperates with all other HiGHmed project bodies and the National Steering Group (NSG). The EB also plans and implements sustainability measures.

Supervisory Board

The Executive Board reports to the Supervisory Board (SB), which consists of representatives of the management boards of all sites within the HiGHmed consortium. This includes scientific as well as administrative executives.

Each university medical center has one vote in decision making processes. All fundamental decisions regarding the progress of the HiGHmed Consortium, the role of partners and the acceptance of new partner hospitals, is prepared in the EB and decided by the SB.

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) ensures alignment of the HiGHmed Consortium concept with international activities and compliance with international standards. The EAB consists of highly reputed international experts in the field of medical informatics, who advices the SB and EB.

The EAB is supported by representatives from patient organizations (German Heart Foundation, the Heidelberger self-help organization and patient advocats) to receive feedback about patient participation in research and the quality of service the patients have received. Therefore, the board also provides a basis to monitor the progress of HiGHmed’s core principle “patients first”.

Technical Coordination Board

The HiGHmed Consortium has set-up a technical coordination board (TCB). It supports the EB (Executive Board) in all technical aspects and coordinates the technical projects within the HiGHmed Consortium.

The TCB meets on a monthly basis and reports quarterly to the EB. The TCB consists of representatives of technical executives of HiGHmed’s nine participating university medical centers as well as DKFZ. Furthermore, the academic partner institutions and the industrial partners delegate one representative each to the TCB. One member of the project management team supports the work of the TCB. The TCB elects a speaker of the TCB, who reports to the executive board.

National Steering Committee

The National Steering Committee (Nationales Steuerungsgremium (NSG)) is the cross-consortium steering body of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII). It serves the combined coordination and alignment of all MII consortia (HiGHmed Consortium, MIRACUM, DIFUTURE and SMITH).

The NSG therefore consists of representatives from all MII consortia. The goal is to collaboratively achieve progress at the national level, which is in line with the vision of the MII.