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CAEHR | Goals

CAEHR | Goals

The CAEHR research network aims to improve healthcare for patients with cardiovascular diseases through optimised health communication and the timely provision of relevant health information. In doing so, intelligent data-driven services are to be established along the entire treatment pathway.

For patient-centred treatment, CAEHR structures health data from outpatient and inpatient care and makes it accessible to all actors along the treatment process (paramedics, nurses, doctors and patients) in a research-compatible ePA. Over the next four years, CAEHR will test and further develop digital solutions that enable better care for patients with cardiovascular diseases in the regions of Hannover/Göttingen, Berlin and Würzburg/Mainfranken. Existing eHealth approaches from the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I) and the HiGHmed consortium, as well as the experience gained from 20 years of work in medical research and care projects, form the foundation of this initiative: an open, interoperable system that provides methods and solutions suitable for everyday patient care and research.

For optimal and personalized treatment decisions, physicians must be able to assess the big picture of an individual's disease course at every point in the healthcare system.

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Krefting, University Medical Center Göttingen

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