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2nd day at the NUM Convention 2024

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NUM Convention 2024

Day 2 of the NUM Convention: Today, challenges facing the NUM were tackled and worked on in four "Grand Challenges".
In Grand Challenge 1, for example, questions relating to the topic of "Pandemic preparedness: How can Germany be better prepared for the next pandemic?" were addressed. The focus here is on the resilience of the health research system, research prioritisation and research transfer. 
The other topics of the three other Grand Challenges were:
1. "Better healthcare through routine data - realising medical knowledge gains and overcoming challenges"
2. "A German one-stop shop for clinical studies and clinical epidemiology"
3. "Living science differently: From a culture of competition to a culture of cooperation"
Just on stage:
Prof Dr Wolfgang Hoffmann, Prof Dr Simone Scheithauer, Dr Andreas Bucher, PD Dr Sven Zenker, Prof Dr Tobias Penzkofer, Prof Dr Peter Heuschmann, Ralf Heyder, Prof Dr Dagmar Krefting and Prof Dr Christoph Schindler, who will jointly present and discuss the results of the Grand Challenge forums.
The NUM Convention 2024 is now slowly coming to an end.
We would like to thank the organising team for an exciting and inspiring event! 

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