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is dedicated to the most important aspects around digital health and digital medicine research in the age of digitalization. It is considered the medicine of the future: innovative methods and technologies in combination with various digital data from the laboratory and the bedside enable more precise predictions and personalized therapy options.

Our HiGHmed leader Prof. Dr. Roland Eils is editor-in-chief of the magazine

Research Network CAEHR
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Inteview with Prof. Dr. Udo Bavendiek about the Digital Hub CAEHR

New HiGHmed-Flyer | Feb 2023

Prof. Roland Eils: "A significant, if not the most important boost to the digitization of the healthcare sector after more than a decade of stillstand"

At the press conference at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger published the third funding guideline for the expansion of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII).

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Prof. Roland Eils: "Omicron is a turning point in the pandemic"

Our HiGHmed leader Prof. Roland Eils in conversation with the Berliner Zeitung.

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"Studies Suggest Why Omicron Is Less Severe: It Spares the Lungs"

International research experts - including Prof. Roland Eils - agree that Omicron is a disease of the upper respiratory tract, while the lungs are probably spared.

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"Better data protect better"

Our HiGHmed leader Prof. Roland Eils together with oncologist Prof. Christof von Kalle in conversation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

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Leopoldina Newsletter

In an interview with the Leopoldina Newsletter our HiGHmed leader Prof. Dr. Roland Eils, a bioinformatician and medical informatician, explains why it is important to establish a reliable system for the global exchange of health data. And why this will make it easier to cope with future pandemics.

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