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'We are resolutely driving forward digitalisation in health research'

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Official press release: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds Consolidation and Extension of the Medical Informatics Initiative.
The Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) for data-based health research, funded by the BMBF, is entering the expansion and extension phase at the beginning of this year.

Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger explains:

"Data helps heal. That is why we are resolutely driving forward digitalisation in health research and are funding the Consolidation and Extension phase of the Medical Informatics Initiative with around 200 million euros until 2026. Our goal is to make the MII the engine and driving force behind a decentralised research data infrastructure for health data that meets all data protection and IT security requirements. The benefits of our funding are many: for example, digital assistance systems can automatically analyse drug prescriptions and routine clinical data. If they detect increased risks for undesirable side effects, they inform the ward pharmacists of the clinic. In the future, such IT solutions will help in all areas of medicine to make our healthcare better and save lives."


The Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) has been building data infrastructures at university hospitals since 2018. Using a variety of use cases - from intensive care to cancer medicine - the MII partners have already demonstrated the added value of their IT solutions in practice.

The focus of the Consolidation and Extension phase (2023-2026), which is now starting and is funded with around 200 million euros, is on expanded cooperation between the university hospitals and their cooperation with new partners, especially from regional care.

An important component of this infrastructure is the Research Data Portal Health (German: Forschungsdatenportal Gesundheit (FDGP). It is intended to serve not only MII partners, but also all researchers as a central point of contact when they want to use data and biospecimens from the University Medical Centre. At the same time, the FDPG is aimed at citizens. It makes transparent which projects are conducting research with patient data and what results have emerged.

In addition, the BMBF is funding six Digital Progress Hubs Health with around 50 million euros (2021-2025) as part of the MII. Their task is to incorporate the pioneering work of the MII into other areas of the health system: from outpatient care in GP practices to care in rehabilitation and nursing facilities.

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