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Building bridges to the digital future of medicine

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The new episode of the podcast "DigitalisierungDerMedizin" deals with the ‘Digital Hubs – Advances in Research and Healthcare’, which develop model solutions for the transfer of digital innovations into regional care and optimize them in practice.

What exactly is it about?
The Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) has set itself the goal of improving health care and medical research in Germany. To this end, special data integration centres are being established at university hospitals. In these centres, data from research and health care come together to be processed and made available for further use, e.g. for the analysis of disease progression and therapy options.
However, a large part of treatment data is generated outside of university hospitals. Practices of general practitioners and other medical specialists, regional hospitals as well as nursing care and rehabilitation facilities are important health care institutions and collect a wide range of data in the medical context, both  outpatient and inpatient. These data are collected and managed in different software systems - such as hospital and medical practice information systems. A linkage of the data from the different systems is usually not given. However, a combination of the data would be useful both for planning a joint treatment process and for answering various medical questions.
This is where the six Digital Hubs come in. Their goal is to transfer the structures developed in the field of the MII to regional health care. In many areas, they are breaking new ground, because the infrastructures of regional health care providers often differ significantly from those of university hospitals. The Digital Hubs must therefore build completely new bridges between systems, but also between people and work processes.
Who are the interview partners?
In this episode, Katja Weber talks to Dr. Franziska Bathelt and Marina Kückmann about the relevance as well as the contents and goals of the two Digital Hubs MiHUBx and CAEHR.
Franziska Bathelt is a research associate at the Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry at the Carl Gustav Carus Medical Faculty at TU Dresden and overall project manager of the ProgressHub MiHUBx. Marina Kückmann is project manager at vitagroup, which is involved in the CAEHR project as a collaborative partner.
The Digital Hubs are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Thematically, they address, among others, the fields of cardiology, cancer medicine, infectious diseases, psychiatry and rehabilitation.
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