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New podcast episode:  Digitalisierung in der Kardiologie – Zahlen, Daten, Empathie

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Cardiology is a technical discipline. Numerous values are measured and analysed for diagnostic purposes. These include, for example, blood pressure, ECG, oxygen saturation and blood flow.

Technical systems such as ECG and blood pressure measuring devices, pulse oximeters, X-ray and sonography devices and nuclear medicine systems are used as standard for measurement. In addition to the technical recording of various medical data, the medical discussion with the person being treated is of importance for the diagnosis, too. This is not only about collecting relevant data, but also about building a trusting relationship between doctor and patient.

In the latest episode of the ‘Digitalisation of Medicine’ podcast series, Katja Weber talks to Dr Samira Soltani, assistant doctor in the Department of Cardiology and Angiology at Hannover Medical School. Dr Soltani, who is currently training to become a specialist in cardiology, shares exciting insights from her specialist field. 

Together, they discuss how digitalisation can be used sensibly to improve patient care. The role of medical data in the development of guidelines is also highlighted. Of particular interest, however, is the consideration of the advantages which the digitalisation of medicine brings, especially for women. Dr Soltani highlights the potential that digitalisation offers for cardiology from a medical perspective, particularly through the structured collection and comprehensive availability of data.

Dr Marianne Behrends and Ina Hoffmann from the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics at TU Braunschweig and Hannover Medical School in Hanover have been behind the podcast project since 2019 as part of HiGHmeducation.

Here is the link to the current episode: Digitalisierung in der Kardiologie – Zahlen, Daten, Empathie



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