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New Podcast-Episode!

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Podcast DigitalisierungDerMedizin

The new episode of the podcast "DigitalisierungDerMedizin" deals with the exciting topic of Medical Data Integration Centres (MeDIC) in Germany and how healthcare data is collected, managed and analysed there.


What exactly is it all about?
Currently, data from healthcare and medical research data are strongly separated from each other. However, there is hope that the use of healthcare data in medical research will offer great potential for improving research. In order for healthcare data to be used for medical research at all, the areas of healthcare and medical research must move closer together. This goal is being pursued within the framework of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) by establishing so-called Medical Data Integration Centres (in German: DIZ). Here, data from healthcare are made usable for research.

Who are the interview partners?
In this episode, Katja Weber talks to Claudia Fischer and Lo An Phan-Vogtmann from the SMITH Consortium about how the data from healthcare gets to the DIZ and how researchers can access it. They both work at the DIZ of Jena University Hospital. Claudia Fischer is a project coordinator and, as a scientist, uses data from the DIZ Jena in the context of research projects. Lo An Phan-Vogtmann is the quality management officer at DIZ Jena and spokesperson for the SMITH Consortium's quality management working group.

Have a listen to the new Podcast-episode “Medical Data Integration Centre - Data "mining" for research"! 

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