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CAEHR | German Stroke Foundation

German Stroke Foundation

With its mission: "Together for people - against strokes", the German Stroke Foundation has been working for more than 30 years to improve the care of people affected by stroke, and to prevent strokes.

The foundation:

  • informs people about the risks of stroke and motivates them to adopt a healthy lifestyle - because up to 70 percent of strokes are preventable.
  • explains how to recognize a stroke and what to do - because every stroke is an emergency.
  • puts those affected and their relatives at the center of its activities, offers advice and help for individuals and supports around 350 self support groups in their work throughout Germany.
  • is in dialog with all healthcare professionals along the entire care chain. It provides impetus, particularly in aftercare, through sustainable case and care management projects that contribute to improving stroke care structurally and for the benefit of the individual.

It therefore seems only natural that the German Stroke Foundation is participating in the CAEHR research project:

The foundation is a member of the "Multidisciplinary Sounding Board" - a CAEHR committee that is participating in the evaluation of the project.

For example, it provided support in defining the key performance indicators (KPIs). These are key figures that can be used to measure or determine progress or the degree of fulfillment of important objectives or critical success factors.

For the Use Case “emergency care”, relevant KPIs for stroke patients who are to be transferred to a specialized hospital are, for example, the following:

  • The time between the start of the teleconsultation and the decision to transfer to a specialized hospital
  • The time between the decision to transfer to a specialized hospital and the start of patient transport
  • The time between the decision to transfer to a specialized hospital and the arrival at the destination hospital

The CAEHR team is delighted to be working with the German Stroke Foundation to improve the care of patients with a stroke.

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