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CAEHR | German Heart Foundation

German Heart Foundation – a bridge between physicians and patients


Founded in 1979, the German Heart Foundation is today the largest non-profit and independent contact point for patients and anyone interested in the field of cardiovascular disease.

The patient organisation provides easy-to-understand information on complex medical issues, including the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease, and promotes patient-oriented cardiovascular research. The work of the German Heart Foundation is supported by a broad voluntary commitment - be it on the Board of Directors, on the Scientific Advisory Board with around 500 heart specialists or volunteers.

The German Heart Foundation seeks professional exchange, but renounces any funding from the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries in order to provide objective, neutral and independent information and at the same time represent the interests of patients.

The German Heart Foundation is actively involved in the research project CAEHR:

The Foundation represents the patient group of cardiovascular patients within the "Multidisciplinary Sounding Board" - a CAEHR committee that is participating in the evaluation of the project.

It also provided support in defining the key performance indicators (KPIs). These are key figures that can be used to measure or determine progress or the degree of fulfillment of important objectives or critical success factors.

Relevant KPIs for the CAEHR Use Case Rehabilitation are, for example:

  • Checking the confirmed date of admission to the rehabilitation facility and the actual date of admission.

  • Evaluating subjective quality of life and patient satisfaction using scientifically recognized questionnaires.

The CAEHR team is delighted to be working with the German Heart Foundation to improve the care of patients with cardiovascular disease!

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