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HiGHmed Summit | 29.11.2022

Kick-off to the new funding phase 2023-2026

HiGHmed Summit 2022

On 29 November 2022, the internal HiGHmed Summit entitled "Kick-off to the new funding phase" took place.

The majority of participants were the HiGHmed community, consisting of site spokespersons, MeDIC management and -teams, as well as employees of the HiGHmed Use Cases and the management teams of the sites.

Representatives of the DLR project management organisation, the Network of University Medicine (NUM) and numerous hospital management boards of the HiGHmed sites also took part.

On the occasion of the start of the next funding period of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII), there was a lively discussion about how HiGHmed will position itself from 2023 onwards and how it will contribute to the MII and NUM, and how HiGHmed developments and solutions can be transferred to the new cross-consortium Use Cases.


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