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Alizé Rogge and Sandra Nolte

The topic? Patient Reported Outcomes - the inclusion of patient reported health characteristics for better medical care.

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In the hope and with the confidence that their health will improve, be maintained or that their complaints will be reduced, patients make use of a variety of medical treatments. However, for the evaluation of the success of the treatment, often only classical, clinical parameters as well as the objective, professional assessment of the physicians are evaluated. Whether a treatment was successful from the patient's perspective with regard to their own health-related quality of life is usually not recorded in a structured way, although this is almost undisputed as a treatment goal.

No one can assess the state of health or the health-related quality of life better than the affected patients. In the context of increasingly patient-oriented, individualised health care, data that enable health to be measured from the patient's perspective are becoming more and more important. They comprise the totality of all information that patients provide about their own health and are reported directly by the patients, for example by means of questionnaires, diaries or in the context of interviews. Here, different areas such as physical functioning, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep and the ability to participate in social activities are queried in order to obtain a picture of the patient's subjective state of health.

 Who are the two interview partners?

In this episode, Katja Weber talks to PD Dr Sandra Nolte and Dr Alizé Rogge from the Charité in Berlin about the goals, the current status and the potentials of using PROs in health care, but also about the challenges that have to be overcome in developing and implementing robust, valid measurement instruments.

 What exactly do the interview partners do?

PD Dr. Sandra Nolte has been working in the field of Patient-Reported Outcomes for almost 20 years and has dealt with the topic of "self-reported outcomes by patients" in the context of both her doctorate and her habilitation. She is the founder and former head of the "Patient-Centered Outcomes Research" working group at the Medical Clinic with a focus on psychosomatics at the Charité Berlin. She is currently Senior Advisor here.

Dr. Alizé Rogge is a psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in behavioural therapy. She conducts research in the field of patient-doctor communication in chronic diseases. She is a research associate at the new Charité Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (CPCOR), where she works on national and international initiatives to implement PROs in the medical infrastructure.

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