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Podcast episode about digital health applications & E-Health products

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The new podcast episode is online! The topic? Digital health applications (DiGA) and e-health products. Guests were Dr. Sylvie von Werder, who is the founder of DiGA "Rehappy" as well as Dr. Monika Pobiruchin from Heilbronn University as an expert for E-Health.

DiGA were included in the catalog of standard care of the statutory health insurance with the Digital Care Act on Dec. 19, 2019. This means that patients with statutory health insurance are entitled to DiGA and can have them prescribed by a doctor.

DiGA open up a variety of possibilities to support the detection and treatment of diseases as well as a self-determined lifestyle. This podcast covers the development of e-health products in general - which includes DiGA - and which organizational, technical and sociological hurdles have to be considered and overcome.

The podcast episode can be found here.

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