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Based on openEHR: Building a pathbreaking clinical data platform in Catalonia

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Based on openEHR: Building a pathbreaking clinical data platform in Catalonia

HiGHmed Association is driving the international use of openEHR in a strong alliance:

The Catalan Health Service (CTTI) relies on the open source software EHRbase, co-developed within the HiGHmed Consortium, for the development of an electronic health record. We are pleased to further establish the use of the interoperability standard openEHR as part of an ever-growing international partner network. 

About the project:

"The recent pandemic highlighted how crucial collaboration can be. Plus, new regulations mandate a new level of patient access to health data—and require healthcare providers to share and exchange large and diverse volumes of health information faster and more reliably than ever. However, when each healthcare organization uses its own data standards and models, sharing electronic health records (EHR) is highly inefficient—and far less secure."

"The main outcome is to provide a full end-to-end clinical data platform (based on EHRbase and the interoperability standard openEHR) that will unify and homogenize the electronic health record for the whole region of Catalonia, serving more than 7.5 million inhabitants, using an openEHR-based data approach. This standardized data platform is considered the backbone of the digital transformation strategy of the Catalonian Health Service (CatSalut)."
Quoted from vitagroup press release

What does HiGHmed Association contribute within of this cooperation?

  • Activities for networking between the CTTI project and HiGHmed
  • Activities to disseminate, publicise and promote open clinical information system and data models
  • Knowledge transfer for the efficient, strategic management of clinical research and care networks
  • Advice on legal, organisational and technical best practices from HiGHmed
  • Application and use of application-specific IT technologies from the HiGHmed context (e.g. Clinical Knowledge Manager, Terminology Server, ...)
  • Advice on modelling open data models (e.g. openEHR, FHIR..)
  • Advice on the design of open information system architectures
  • Advice on the selection and use of digital technologies and concepts in the clinical context

We are looking forward to the project and to a successful and inspiring collaboration with our partners!
Here you can find the official press releases:

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