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HiGHmeducation Module 'Digitalisation of Medicine' successfully completed!

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HiGHmeducation Module 'Digitalisation of Medicine - Acquisition of Basic Competences in Handling Digital Medical Data'

Nine medical students, one physician and one data steward successfully completed the HiGHmeducation Module "'Digitalisation of Medicine - Acquisition of Basic Competences in Handling Digital Medical Data" at the Hannover Medical School (MHH) this summer semester.

The advances in digitalisation in the field of medicine offer great potential to improve both healthcare and medical research. The process of digitalisation of medicine is essentially characterised by changes in the collection, availability and analysis of medical data. Future medical professionals need a basic data competence to collect, manage, evaluate and apply medical data in a critical way.

To enable the acquisition of data competence in dealing with digital medical data, the learners worked together on various tasks related to the topics of data collection, data evaluation, data management and data application in a medical context as part of the elective subject "Digitalisation of Medicine". They were accompanied and supported by medical doctors and medical computer scientists from the MHH.

Methodologically, the elective was implemented according to the principles of the didactic concept of HiGHmeducation. Over a period of five weeks, the course participants dealt intensively with various topics in asynchronous learning phases and synchronous online seminars, such as the sources of medical data, the possibilities of data management as well as the modelling, analysis and visualisation of data and, last but not least, the ethical and legal aspects with regard to the cross-sectoral use of medical data.

The elective thus offered new, exciting insights into medical informatics and its importance for forward-looking medical research. This was also the opinion of the elective participants themselves, who would have liked to learn more about other aspects. The elective thus also offered an important introduction to the various fields of work of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII).

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