The HiGHmed Mission

A digital agenda requires digital education! Following the growing demand within research and funding agencies to strengthen the field of scientific data management and analysis, the HiGHmed training approach aims to link theoretical education and practical implementation targeting (bio)medical computer scientists, experts in the field of data analytics as well as clinicians.

With the aim to strengthen educational aspects in medical informatics, HiGHmed will:

  • use its outstanding expertise in teaching across all three sites and at additional partner universities to strengthen education in medical informatics.
  • further develop existing curricula strengthening the position of MI in medical education.
  • increase the availability of qualified staff in the field of (bio)medical data science.
  • contribute to a better positioning of women in medical informatics.
  • develop digital teaching formats and a central HiGHmed platform.
  • create new teaching formats for patient participation in research and care.
  • put strong emphasis on effective cooperation with industry partners.


Photo of Otto Rienhoff
Prof. Otto Rienhoff
University Medical Center Göttingen
Photo of Petra Knaup-Gregori
Prof. Petra Knaup-Gregori
Heidelberg University Hospital