The HiGHmed Use Case Infection Control

The infection control use case will develop a software system to analyse various data sources from hospitals, with the aim to detect potentially dangerous germs as early as possible. This automated early warning system will help to protect patients from new infections, but also to understand their causes and how infectious diseases spread. At first, HiGHmed will target multidrug-resistant germs within and across university and non-university hospitals. These organisms are dangerous and may lead to life-threatening situations.

To achieve this aim, HiGHmed will address several demanding challenges, particularly in data integration, data visualisation and data analysis for establishing spatial, temporal, biological and functional associations.

Visualisation of test data sets from the use case Infection Control at the EFMI STC conference in March 2019

The aims and future work steps of the HiGHmed use case Infection Control were presented with a poster during the EFMI STC 2019 conference in Hanover. Special focus was on the visualization of data sets for test and analyses purposes in form of a dashboard. In the future, the dashboard will be further developed to examine single patients and to reveal transmission events of pathogen clusters.
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Photo of Simone Scheithauer
Prof. Simone Scheithauer
University Medical Center Göttingen
Photo of Michael Marschollek
Prof. Michael Marschollek
Hannover Medical School
IT project management
Medical Informatics at the University Medical Center Göttingen